Why ‘The Scene’ Needs Criticism


In a city where the exhausted 9-to-5ers are preparing to flush their systems of administrative drivel with alcopops, the creative arts kids of the Solents and Trents are preparing their mouldy, unconscionably-priced student house for another DIY show.

The starchy sofa has been pushed up against the wall, MacBooks have been stowed away in locked bedrooms, and the ‘stage’ is little more than a cramped corner in the living room, sometimes strewn with fairy lights in an attempt to dress up the depressing décor. Amidst the commotion of unaware spectators, a band finishes tuning up and impulsively starts their set. This is ‘The Scene’.

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LIVE REVIEW: Brand New @ Alexandra Palace 11/09/15

It’s been six years since Brand New released their last album, Daisy, but they are still selling out venues all over the world. It’s an amazing achievement for any band to be able to almost sell out huge venues such as Alexandra Palace at the peak of their career but Brand New are able to do it effortlessly over a decade into it.

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Why Do You Have to Stream Your Life?

Let me set the scene for you: you’re at a gig, you’ve been waiting for two hours through the abysmally awful support band and sweaty bodies, and when your favourite band are about to start the person in front of you puts their phone right in your line of sight. Yeah this is annoying but it’s only going to be for a minute, right? Wrong. For some absurd reason people think it’s a great idea to live stream gigs to Facebook.

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Final Fantasy XV – Review

FINAL FANTASY XV_20161123124441
After a staggering ten years in production Final Fantasy XV has finally been released. Originally called Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the game changed just about everything from the development team to the design and platform. The previous two numbered Final Fantasy games had a lot of trouble; XIII was heavily criticised for its “boring, bland and linear” storytelling, while the MMORPG XIV had to be completely remade. Final Fantasy XV was Square Enix’s chance to breathe life back into the series and they do so with a dazzling spectacle reminiscent of Final Fantasy’s golden age – but that’s not to say that it doesn’t have its imperfections.

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