Why Do You Have to Stream Your Life?

Let me set the scene for you: you’re at a gig, you’ve been waiting for two hours through the abysmally awful support band and sweaty bodies, and when your favourite band are about to start the person in front of you puts their phone right in your line of sight. Yeah this is annoying but it’s only going to be for a minute, right? Wrong. For some absurd reason people think it’s a great idea to live stream gigs to Facebook.

Although this may seem overdramatic in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t the act of live streaming that’s annoying; it’s the reason why people do it. The whole 15-minute Snapchat story is still as lame as it was when it started so why are people going to the next level? Live streaming is for cute puppies, not your screechy-ass singing with your ‘bestie’.

For some reason these people have got it into their heads that people actually care about what happens in their lives. Furthermore, why would someone watch your potato-quality live stream when they could look at professional photographs the day after and not have to deal with your annoying need for attention and validation from people on the Internet? That’s what this is really about: validation. Our lives are so consumed with social media that most feel compelled to manipulate their tweets and posts to get likes and retweets to boost our fragile egos.

Unless you are a hermit living in the North Pole, none of us are innocent in this. I can preach about how it’s mildly annoying to see live streams on my Facebook feed but I will still tweet a link to a piece of my work in hopes someone will notice and like it. People are never going to stop recording/taking photos/Snapchatting their gig experience any time soon, and that’s okay. Thanks to social media culture we feel compelled to tell our followers/friends about how great our lives are, or even exaggerate how bad our lives are (nihilism is cool and stuff but you’re a middle class white dude at university – stop), in order to feel included in our own online communities.

So the next time you want to live stream a gig remember: no one cares, humanity is selfish but dogs are great.


Originally published in Audio Addict issue #25


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