LIVE REVIEW: Brand New @ Alexandra Palace 11/09/15

It’s been six years since Brand New released their last album, Daisy, but they are still selling out venues all over the world. It’s an amazing achievement for any band to be able to almost sell out huge venues such as Alexandra Palace at the peak of their career but Brand New are able to do it effortlessly over a decade into it.

Singer and frontman Jesse Lacey starts off the set with a beautiful rendition of ‘Socco Amaretto Lime’. His voice and presence hush the crowd into a stunned and captivated silence, showing how much of an influence this band has on a crowd of nearly 10,000 people. Manipulating the lyrics at the end to a bittersweet “I’m just jealous ‘cause you’re young and in love” shows just how far they’ve come from their beginnings of writing songs in basements, something that Lacey talks about to the crowd later on.

Although Brand New are not ones for being particularly vocal during shows, Lacey thanks the crowd for being there. His gratitude is felt throughout the room as he dedicates songs to The Xcerts, Dinosaur Pile Up and support act Basement for making the band feel at home so far away from their own.

Every song is welcomed by the crowd like a long lost friend. ‘Vices’, ‘Gasoline’ and ‘The Archers Bows Have Broken’ send the crowd into frenzy. However, the mood dips into a slump of sadness as ‘Degausser’ is played, quickly followed by ‘Limousine’, which ends with Lacey singing a haunting acapella of the background vocals. This is followed by a new, unreleased song ‘Sealed to Me’, which is dedicated to Lacey’s wife, and topped off with every twenty-somethings emo anthem: ‘Jesus Christ’.

For a band that’s been around and active for so long they’ve been playing the same songs for more than a couple of years now, so they tend to be more experimental; adding long intros, outros and instrumentals. This can be said for the intense closing song ‘You Won’t Know’, which the band stretch out into a barrage of noise and vibrations that radiate around the packed out venue. Lacey inaudibly screams drown the mic as guitarist Vincent Accardi thrashes around on stage. It would have been the perfect ending to the show if they hadn’t had dragged it on for so long.


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